"Dzuarikau-Tskhinval" pipeline

THE WORLD'S HIGHEST pipeline "Dzuarikau-Tskhinval" became a very advanced construction for its time. The builders had a daunting task: to light the winning torch from the pipeline as a symbol of victorious labor and brotherhood power in Tskhinval in August 2009. This torch was lit on August 26 on the anniversary of Russia's recognition of independence of South Ossetia. 

This object is the company’s the most prominent project. This is feat of people working in very extreme conditions. 80 percent of the route goes in extremely difficult geological conditions: rocks, debris, avalanches, permafrost, mountain rivers... 


ACCORDING TO THE PROJECT, more than a dozen tunnels have to be made in the mountains , it is necessary to build dozens of bridges across mountain streams, as well as more than 300 km of access roads. When the construction is completed, Ossetia will receive 260 million cubic meters of gas a year, through the Caucasus Mountains, a seasonal road from Zaramag to Kvaisa will be built. The way from Vladikavkaz to the mining center of South Ossetia will be 46 kilometers shorter.


THROUGHOUT THE BUILDING AREA we carefully avoid historical monuments, save the natural landscape. Initially it was assumed that the pipeline will go along the right bank of Ardon river. But finally, the track was removed to the left bank of the river, avoiding the place holy for the Ossetians, as well as ancient Alan “customs gate”. We had to make four additional tunnels with a length from 106 to 300 meters!