Business Center as a way of the future

THE THREE TOWERS of "Stroyprogress" Group‘s grand project will appear in Moscow at the intersection of Highway Altufievskoe and the Fourth Ring Road. It will house offices, a hotel, an apartment hotel, banks, restaurants, movie theaters, a fitness center and meeting rooms. 

Business Centers of unique architecture become a hallmark of a modern city, giving it the renewal energy


AT CONSTRUCTION, the following important tasks of the urban area are addressed:


 replacement of district utilities and communications

 construction of modern infrastructure

 compliance with town planning regulations

 preservation of style, not affecting but renewing the current one

The project is a part of the Master Plan of development of the capital until 2020. The main building of the complex will be one of the tallest buildings in Europe. The project was successfully approved by the City Planning Board, most of the approvals have been received. State of the soil and geological situation meets the standards permitting construction of a high-rise building


UNIQUE GLASS which depending on the light changes color is planned to be applied to the building facing. Facing "works" as a solar cell as well: the building will receive 30% of the consumed energy from the sun. An additional shell will help to save the structure and save lives in the event of an accident.




 Built-up area - 0.4 hectares

 Total complex area - 290,000 sq. m., including:

     ❚ 85 floors of office building - 95,000 sq. m.

     ❚ 70 floors of hotel building - 64,000 sq. m.

     ❚ 53 floors of office building - 53,000 sq. m.

     ❚ atrium - 8600 sq. m.

     ❚ technical area - 13 000 sq. m.

     ❚ parking - 55 000 sq. m. for 4200 parking spaces