Moscow, Midland of the Russian Federation, the Urals, Siberia and Caucasus… Wherever the construction is done, the criterion of success for the company are happy and grateful faces of people. We see this as a pledge of the future power of our country.

Social orientation is a vector of our activities


"STROYPROGRESS" IS A SOCIALLY ORIENTED COMPANY, capable of perceiving the social component in business. Uzhno-Okhteurskiy oil deposit can be a bright example of it. For a long time the resources of the deposit were not well studied and appreciated, and they were considered to be "having no prospects". Our work has led to its revival. Based on the recent research and the experience of petroleum geologists and the great theorists of the past, we want to revive the regions of Siberia. Another example is the construction of a unique high-mountain pipeline "Dzuarikau-Tskhinvali", in which we carefully preserved monuments of history and nature. 

"Stroyprogress" is a socially integrated company which doesn't stay away from the specific problems of a social character. 


All activities of the Group of companies "Stroyprogress" is subordinated to the task of social transformation, regeneration and development of Russia 


WE RECONSTRUCTED the diagnostic center of "Mostransgaz" company in the Moscow region, pulmonology center in Moscow, built the surgical unit of the road hospital in Voronezh, outpatient centers in Kirov and Kurgan regions, consulting and diagnostic center in the town of Orichi of Kirov region, water intakes, water lines and urban cleaning networks and facilities, as well as schools and residential buildings.


CHARITY, helping orphans, veterans of war and labor, the restoration of churches of the Russian Orthodox Church - these are the noble objectives, which we strongly believe are the foundation of morality, guiding the activities of our company as a whole and each of its employees individually. From year to year we build and recreate the Orthodox churches in Moscow, Kurgan region, in the North Caucasus. For the reconstruction of the Family chapel of the Stage veterans centre n.a. Yablochkina, the company received high honors from His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II. The activities for the benefit of people bring us the moral satisfaction and help to lead the company to new achievements. In this sense we consider success to be not luck, but just a reward for good deeds.