HIGH LEVEL of responsibility of all employees of the Group of companies "Stroyprogress" means creative and thoughtful participation in practical daily work, based on core values and a high awareness of the mission and strategy of the company. 

Personnel policy of our company is based on corporate values

PERSONNEL POLICY of the Group of companies "Stroyprogress" is based on our corporate values​: openness, trust and initiative, as well as a deep understanding of social responsibility. 
 When doing business, both in terms of production and team and individual interests, we act in full compliance with international, national and local laws, and in accordance with our partnership agreements. In cases where they are insufficient or can be interpreted ambiguously, the company operates in accordance with its principles and best business practices.


The high quality of all the work of the Group of companies "Stroyprogress" comes from the modern complex of working conditions: working environment, the atmosphere in the team, the content of the work, and satisfaction from it


THE COMPANY ENCOURAGES EMPLOYEES that are practicing the company's values, actively promotes the well-being and motivation of its team, and provides the proactive staff with new opportunities for development. 
 "Stroyprogress" respects the freedom of association. Employees are involved in decision-making and have the opportunity to be heard. Discrimination on any grounds and causing harm is not allowed. 

 If changes in the business environment


RESULT IN possible reduction of personnel, job placement is carried out within the company, and if necessary, the required retraining is arranged.


PERSONNEL POLICIES are applied to all levels and departments of the company.