OUR GOAL is to become one of the leaders of the Russian construction market. This is consistent with the mission and strategy of the company.


DEVELOPING THE INDUSTRY, in which the company does business, IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY, we contribute to the transformation of our motherland. Such goal requires leadership.

We develop the industry. We aspire to leadership

OVER 25 YEARS of progressive development, "Stroyprogress" has become one of the largest and most trusted companies of national importance on the Russian construction market and strengthened the reputation of a reliable partner of government and commercial companies and enterprises. Today we face the challenging goal - to become the leader of the Russian construction market. This is consistent with the mission and strategy of the company.

Strong market position, trust relationships with the customers and partners are our fundamental values. We multiply them in our constant search of leadership



THE MISSION AND MAIN GOAL of the Group of Companies "Stroyprogress" is to develop the industry in which we do our business, contributing this way to the transformation of our country and society. We see the future image of the prosperous country, the equipped land and protected nature. 
 This goal undoubtedly requires leadership. 


IMPLEMENTATION OF THE MISSION can be done with the help of the strategy of the Group of companies "Stroyprogress": a clear understanding of the tasks, their flawless performance, continuous development. 
 Our company strives for perfection. In order to retain the leading position in the industry, the employees and the company as a whole must develop. This is why we are investing into progress and advanced technologies. 


WE also IMPROVE our activities to help our customers to better address the challenges they face. After all, at the heart of advanced development of every successful business lies innovation and active cooperation with the partners. "Stroyprogress" has a reputation of a reliable partner as it strives to improve continuously and to establish long-term relationships. Our concern for the environment, safety of production processes and working confitions of employees also contributes to it. Everything here, in our view, makes the image of a professionally impeccable and socially responsible company.