"STROYPROGRESS" has been working since 1989, having been founded on the basis of the association "Glavmospromstroy" as a general contracting construction company. 
 The end of the eighties is not just a date. It is a milestone. One age was ending; the new unknown one was yet to come. The beliefs were changing.  
 Not only the stereotypes were crashing... To begin work during this age meant accepting all its challenges. 
 To stand and move forward meant entering the history of the country.


Confidently look to the future with confidence going forward

Albert Dzhussoev, President of the Group of companies: "In the beginning there were many difficulties. Especially in times of perestroika, when the whole planning system collapsed and we had to seize any work to stay afloat. Our company was young, without any solid capital. This is why we couldn't let ourselves stand still. However, the most difficult year for me was 1998. We were building a great facility, for which we received a major advance payment. Eventually, the money and the whole our capital disappeared in a market crash. People didn't receive salaries for 11 months. It was the period when the fate of our company, and me as a leader, was sealed. I am very grateful to our team: neither any chief specialist, or ordinary worker did not leave; they continued to work for almost a year without the salary. We managed to survive this time, recover and pay all debts. Soon after this difficult period "Stroyprogress" began to flourish. During the following years we continued forward movement in terms of the implementation of our strategic objectives. We concluded a number of lucrative contracts with major customers of the domestic market. In 2008 we won the tender and started practical work on the design and construction of a residential neighborhood in the Tomilino of the Moscow region. From the Moscow Urban Council we received approval for the project on building the tower-block multifunctional complex, signed a number of contracts for the construction of oil and gas pipelines in Western Siberia, launched into action own sand and gravel pits in the Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions. We plan to expand and develop our work and our presence in the Russian regions. This is our strategic line".

Quality financial management, thoughtful approach to contracting and reliability of our contractors allows us to look confidently to the future"


Our history is in the implementation of the projects 
Our future is in the ambitious plans

Moscow. Representative office of North Ossetia to the President of Russia (1993-1995)

North Ossetia, Vladikavkaz. Treasury Building (1993 - 1995)

Moscow. Industrial base, 1 line, RAO "Gazprom" (1995–1996)

Moscow region, Istrinskiy district. "Soyuz" recreation house RAO "Gazprom"

Moscow. Clinical Hospital to the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation (1992–2001)

Center for diagnosis and rehabilitation for RAO "Gazprom" (2002)

Tambov region, the town of Pervomaiskiy. "Mostransgaz" training and production center (2000)

Interworkshop pipelines of facilities for the destruction of chemical weapons (in 7 regions of Russia)

Krasnodar Territory, Sverdlovsk and Tver regions. Intersettlement distribution gas pipelines ordered by the regional administrations 

Tomsk region. "Vasiuganskiy-Raskino" oil pipeline (41 km) ordered by OJSC "Tomskneft"

Voronezh. Central Clinical Hospital of South-East Railways (2003–2004)

Belgorod region, the city of Stary Oskol. Workshop of the united technical inspection of train carriages of South-East Railways (2003–2004)

Voronezh region, the Town of Liski. Concrete products plant (2003–2004)

Kurgan region, the town of Shchuchye. Water pipeline (35 km), (2002–2003)

Kurgan region, the town of Shchuchye. Sewer networks and water pipeline (24 km) (2003–2004)

Moscow. Construction and reconstruction of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Railways (2003–2004)

North and South Ossetia. Buildings and structures of living purpose (houses and cottages)

Udmurt Republic, the town of Kambarka. The main workshop for destruction of chemical weapons, international inspection area (two hotel buildings), water intake and water line (12 km) (2004–2005)

Kirov region, Orichi settlement. Medical diagnostic center, boiler building, the area of international inspection, workshop for the destruction of chemical weapons (2004–2005).

Construction of automobile roads (2003–2005)

Tomsk region, the town of Strezhevoy. Construction and capital repairing of gas and oil pipelines, infrastructure development of the Uzhno-Okhteurskiy oil deposit (2005)

South Ossetia — Republic of North Ossetia. High-mountain gas pipeline "Dzuarikau–Tskhinvali" (2006–2009)

Central Caucasus Range. Construction of border outposts "Suargom" and "Tib" (since April 2006)





Moscow, Altufievskoe highway. Construction of a high rise multipurpose complex (business centre and hotel)

Construction of fashionable hotel in Sochi

Construction of Chinese medical centre “Ming fu” (Tula region)