OUR BENEFITS are: professional personnel, own modern equipment, the latest technology, own raw material and production facilities and technical base. Most of our profit we are investing in the development of areas that ensure our competitive advantage in the industry. 


TO PLAY A LEADING ROLE IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY, it's necessary to control everything from sand quarries to production of mortar and concrete. In "Stroyprogress" we have those functions in "our own hands". 

Our advantages provide leadership in the industry

THE COMPANY THAT AIMS AT BECOMING the market leader, should be as independent as possible in terms of supporting its core business activities with human resources, technology, products of other industries, should have own production and technical bases in order to become a unified and reliable contractor for construction and repair works.



"Stroyprogress" Group is staffed with qualified personnel of various building specialties. The number of employees makes about 3 thousand people. For implementation of a certain project, we typically create a separate mobile unit able to carry out high-tech construction, to provide communications and assembly work. It is provided with its own equipment, construction machinery, warehouses, administrative, municipal and residential premises of modular type. In our work, in all stages, we clearly observe technologies, safety requirements and environmental standards.


 "Stroyprogress" has its own fleet of construction and transportation vehicles, with centrally managed branch offices in six regions. Vehicles are equipped with a navigation system. Every year the number of vehicles is increased by 20-25%. No need to rent vehicles reduces costs and enhances our competitive advantage. 
There are several separate specialized mechanization management services: operation service, repair service, dispatch office, procurement and accounting service. 
High-end professionals work in Mechanization Office: about 300 people. 


 When appointing us a general contractor, the customer receives a finished object where all the utilities are built by one company.
In accordance with a license to perform work on designing buildings and structures, we offer construction of engineering equipment complexes, networks and systems:


❚ Heating, ventilation, air conditioning

Water and sanitation

❚ Heat supply


❚ Power supply up to 10kV inclusive 

Electrical equipment, electric lighting

❚ Communication and alarm

❚ Radio and television

❚ Dispatching, automation and engineering systems control.


Sprinkler systems, fire alarm and fire warning systems, smoke protection systems, systems of evacuation in case of fire;
Burglar alarm systems, video surveillance and monitoring.


 "Stroyprogress" Group has its own production and warehouse base, as well as quarries, where it carries out the full range of work related to the development, design and execution of permits for ground extraction of building materials such as clay, sand, crushed stone, sand and gravel. The company has been producing ground building materials to meet the requirements for environmental management and protection of the natural environment. 
Currently we extensively use Beloyarsky sand pit (Shchuch'ye district of Kurgan region) and Fedorov crushed stone quarry (Chelyabinsk region). 


From the very beginning of the company’s activity, we took the responsibility for independent and high-quality provision of construction projects with roads


 From the very beginning of the company’s activity, we took the responsibility for independent and high-quality provision of construction projects with roads. This hard work has brought a unique experience in building roads in impassable bogs, permafrost soils, high altitude, high and low temperatures. All road works are carried out in accordance with the most rigorous SNIP standards. Own heavy road equipment allows to carry out road construction quickly, with guaranteed quality.


  The main method of making roads is blasting, which is quite time-consuming, technically complex, and therefore require strict adherence to "Uniform safety rules during blasting operations." For the first time in making rock shelves, we used the new technology of blasting different from conventional ways of developing trenches and pits in rocky and frozen ground, followed by high sound waves and explosive (propelling) action at some distance from the charge. Works according to the new technology are held three times faster, silently and without a propelling action: stones get broken and scattered. Another example is open-pit mining: without reducing the scale of production, we have moved to a safe and environmentally friendly method of "explosion-free" technology. 


 "Stroytekhnika" plant being a part of "Stroyprogress" Group produces ready-made kits for building. A new woodworking shop is equipped with modern machines. To ensure global quality standards, the company collaborates with leading domestic and foreign research laboratories.