"STROYPROGRESS" GROUP presents a fridge-freezer warehouse complex of class "A" with office space. Located in the urban district Domodedovo, village Yam, "Art Logistic" is one of the largest specialized complexes in the south of Moscow region corresponding to the highest international requirements for food storage and distribution facilities.

Logistics is a new direction of "Stroyprogress" Group. Nevertheless, we remain traditional and provide quality and professional services.

 "Art Logistic" company offers warehousing services, custody of goods that require medium- and low-temperature storage conditions. In our own warehouse complex, there are two separate storage building with different temperatures modes: medium temperature warehouse and freezer warehouse. Also offices are for rent in the complex, making business conditions for our partners comfortable.

"Art Logistic" is a fridge-freezer warehouse, implemented according to the latest technological principles. 




 refrigeration warehouse total area - 7500 sqm

❚ freezer warehouse total area - 10,000 sqm

 complex total capacity - 33900 palette places

 operating ceiling height - 14 meters

 total number of loading and unloading docks, equipped with levelers and dock shelters - 37

 anti-dust coating, self-leveling floors




 convenient location directly on the federal highway M4 Don

 new construction, class "A" terminal

 modern technical equipment

 security 24 hours

 technical and technological support

 Hormann loading and unloading docks and gates

 Linde MH handling equipment

 own power complex on the basis of gas power stations with a backup diesel generator

 parking for heavy vehicles

 modern automated complex control systems

 Warehouse Management System (WMS)

 complex video surveillance system, including perimeter with video recording

 centralized access control system

 digital telephone connection

 High Speed ​​Internet Access