ALL THE COMPANY’S BUSINESS is subordinated to the task to prove reputation of a reliable business partner and a good employer.


Corporate Ethics

COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and improvement is a daily task of all units of "Stroyprogress" Group and of all of its employees from a construction worker to upper-level managers. Corporate Ethics principles are designed to ensure that. These principles govern business processes and relationships within the company, as well as relations with partners.

We believe that responsible corporate behavior is a prerequisite for the competitiveness and profitability of a business

ALL THE COMPANY’S BUSINESS is subordinated to the task to prove reputation of a reliable business partner and a good employer. Our policy on corporate behavior standards shall be inexorably followed by every employee, but also shall be constantly improved with the development of society and our understanding of a modern company.

Corporate Ethics principles

First of all, it concerns the enforcement of laws and regulations in the field of management of the company as a whole, complying with the law in the exercise of competition, legal responsibility for the quality of products made and projects undertaken by us, health and safety, the environment, intellectual property protection, protection of personal privacy and principles of equality.


CORPORATE INTERESTS PROTECTION and confidentiality of information obtained from clients and partners. No employee of our company, regardless of his/her official status, is allowed to use work and position in the company for personal gain out of direct remuneration, as well as to cause damage by disclosure of information obtained in carrying out a project from customers or partners or being available to the company itself.
Our employees may continuously and increasingly scrutinize the principles of corporate ethics in order to prevent violating them due to the lack of awareness.

TEAMWORK PRONCIPLES Our company is structured in such a way that each employee has the opportunity to develop and the right to apply knowledge obtained in practice. This implies that every employee may make suggestions regarding better organization of labor, labor-saving ideas, etc. Personal corporate ethics involves precisely this attitude. However, we have to preserve and protect the chain of command when all ideas and suggestions, as well as questions on the problems connected with production or ethics, are offered by an employee to a higher official, manager or head of department in whose jurisdiction is the study of the proposed ideas and analysis of an innovative offer.